DATE:- 30 04 2018


I am a hardcore mumbaiya by heart and I love celebrating every festival in Mumbai the Mumbaiya estyle. But… Guess what!! This time my holi was spend as a sudden trip to the holyland of Lord Krishna, in Mathura & Vrindavan.

We were a total for 02 Couples and decided to break the ice and experience the craziness of Holi festival out there.

How to reach Mathrua?


There are flights that you can take to Delhi and then by car ( private) to Mathura. Approx time would be 03 to 04 hrs to reach your destination, including your car ride and appox cost would be INR 8000/- per person  BOM DELHI BOM & DELHI MATHURA DELHI.



Simply book a train on IRCTC well in advance say about 05 to 06 months in advance and after an awesome 12 to 15 Hrs our relaxed journey you will reach you destination. Total expense about INR 3000/- to 5000/- return. MUMBAI MATHURA MUMBAI.



Drive to Mathura, but just to keep you updates in the main city and around the temple parking or four-wheeler are not allowed.


Now, we had an awesome overnight train ride for 12hrs, full of fun and laughter, made some friends and ate a lot of local at every stop that had come, except when we slept in the night. Early morning reached Mathura all charged and excited to get ourselves coloured!!

On arrival, took a local auto to Nirmal Niketan, right opp the banks of holy Yamuna River. Had an amazing view and weather was just perfect between 25 to 28 degrees an even less during nights. We decided to get dressed for Holi and went to Virindavan by local auto, it took us about 40 to 45 minutes and it was then all the awesomeness began.

People worship Lord Krishna and Bal Gopal, which is the younger version of lord Krishna. Their love and excitement for Lord Krishna and the Holi is worth the watch. Locals are warm and welcoming, irrelevant of where you know them or not, they colour your white outfit by showering you with good organic colours and it feels just so good…

You must visit the Prem Mandir, Hare Ram Hare Krishna, Bake Bihari , Dwarkadish Temple and the evening aarti of Yamuna River. It’s a waste if these spots aint covered.

As long as food is concerned, please be careful of where you eat from and avoid curd or milk products if it’s not covered. Most of our meals where at Brijwasi Lands Inn, on the highway between the centre of Vrindana and Mathura.

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